Eccolo Press

“Holy ****!"
Anthony Bourdain, 2009

“An “Olde Standby” in the Garment District, this “Historic”, circa 1885 steakhouse is
renowned for it’s collection of 90,000 clay pipes hanging from the ceiling . . .”
Zagat, 2008

“Bar for Grown Ups: Extraordinary selection of scotch, great house ale . . . Plus: mutton chops.”
New York Magazine, 2008

“My evening at Keens was certainly one of unlimited indulgence! I am thankful that I was
introduced to a classic restaurant that brought unique hallmark to everything from decor
to dessert. And, if you love whisky like I do, you will certainly be in your element . . .”
The Whisky Life, Fall 2007

“Superb steaks, wonderful Dover sole, choice–and legendary–mutton chops
and what may be the best green salad in town.”
Forbes, 2007

“The Mutton chop on the menu, actually a 26-ounce saddle of lamb, skirted with fat
and nearly two inches tall, can wear whatever label it pleases because it
provides as much pleasure as a carnivore could want.”
New York Times, 2006

“Keens Today: Keens gigantic mutton chop is still a magnificent piece of meat,
flanked on each side by flaps of meat whos shape leaves no doubt
where the term ”muttonchop” sideburns come from.”
Gourmet, 2001
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